Standard type
Various shapes are available to meet different applications.
Economy type
These low cost fittings cover most basic applications.
Outer body size is up to 40% smaller than Standard type.
Stainless SUS304 type
Stainless steel fittings that are better suitable for chemical atmosphere.
Stainless SUS316 type
All SUS316 fittings that are best suitable for chemical atmospheres.
SUS303 Alike Type
Stainless steel fittings that are best suitable for corrosive environments.
PPS (chemical) type
All PPS resin fittings are best suitable for applications with chemicals.
PP type
Semi-transparent PP resin body with SUS304 metal body combination for applications requiring cleanliness.
Anti spatter type
UL V-0 rated non-flamable resin fittings.
All brass type
All nickel plated brass fittings suitable for anti-spatter or die temperature control applications.
Flow shut type / Stop fittings
Air flows only when tube is inserted to the fitting.
Anti static type
Carbon added electro-conductive resin makes current flow through the fittings.
Color Cap
For identification of different applications.


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