Polyurethane type
Thermo polyurethane resin tube.
Nylon type
3 kinds of polyamide resin tubes.
Fluororesin (PFA) type
PFA has superior durability and chemical, weather resistance.
Polyamide type
Polyamide 12 resin tube is good for food industries
Multi-core type
Made of thermo-polyurethane resin tubes.
Anti-spatter type
Polyamide 11 resin tube is covered by UL V-0 rated non-flammable polyvinylchloride resin.
Antistatic type
Carbon added thermo-polyurethane resin tube.
Clean Room Package Tubing
Tubings are cleaned and packaged in ISO Class 6 clean-room.
Fluororesin (FEP) Type
Affordable fluororesin tube with excellent cost-performance.
Polyolefin Tubing
Tubing made of polyolefin type resin suitable for clean environment
Spiral type
Made of thermo polyurethane resin or polyamide resin tube.
Twin spiral type
Thermo polyurethane spiral tube with 2 cores.
Tube binders
Resin tube binder to keep tubing in place.
Vacuum Tubing
Ultra-soft polyurethane straight tube.
Insert Ring
Tube inner diameter protection ring
Tube Reel
Special tube reel offering 4 sizes.


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