Fittings for Special Applications
Minimal Barb type
Ultra-small, barbed joints for pneumatic piping.
Stainless SUS316 compression fitting
Compression type of all SUS316 fittings
All Brass Compression Fittings
Best suited for auto industry and thermal control for mold tooling.
Main block / Air manifold
Customizable air manifold.
Twist-proof joint
Straight swivel joint used with coiling tube
Rotary joint
Free rotational fittings up to 500 r.p.m. with quick fitting.
High rotary joint
Free rotational fittings up to 1500 r.p.m.
Multi-circuit rotary block
4-, 6-, 8-port rotating manifold.
2-Circuit Junction Block
Concentrated branching joint for serving tow lines at the same time.
Simultaneous connection and disconnection of multiple tubes makes piping work easier after relocation of pneumatic devices.


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