Flow controllers: Speed controllers & Needle valves  2 Stage Speed Controller with Built-in Shock Absorber Function

Industry first - Flow controllers are used to control the speed of pneumatic cylinders. Shock absorbers are mounted on the cylinder to act as a break. Pisco’s new flow controller uses a 2 stage speed control to control the exhaust speed which acts a cushion (brake) and functions as a shock absorber.

  • Lasts 3x longer, cost savings - Last 3x longer than a system using conventional shock absorbers and requires less maintenance. In a conventional system, shock absorbers need to be frequently replaced. Significant cost savings over the life of the product.
  • Reduce shock - With the 2 stage flow controller, the 2nd stage speed (speed of the exhaust) acts as a cushion and reduces the speed at the end of the stroke. This speed reduction also reduces the shock by up to 1/9 while keeping the same cycle time. (See catalog page 2 “shock absorbing effect chart”)
  • Shorter cycle time - It is possible to actuate the initial cylinder stroke at twice the regular speed and then actuate the end of the stroke at the end of the stroke, reducing the cycle time without increasing the shock. (See catalog page 2 “cycle time chart”)

Fluid Type Air
Operating Pressure Range 0.2~1.0MPa
Operating Temperature Range 0~60º (without freezing)
Tube Diameter (Metric) 4, 6, 8mm
Tube Diameter (Inch) 5/32, 1/4, 5/16

ModelDescriptionDXF InchDXF MetricDimensionsParasolid3D Metric

5/32 inch Union StraightBJSU5_32.dxf.zipNP49-04eu.pdf#page=4BJSU5_32.x_t_parasolid.zip

1/4 inch Union StraightBJSU1_4.dxf.zipNP49-04eu.pdf#page=4BJSU1_4.x_t_parasolid.zip

5/16 inch Union StraightBJSU5_16.dxf.zipNP49-04eu.pdf#page=4BJSU5_16.x_t_parasolid.zip

ø4mm Union StraightBJSU4.zipNP49-03e-us.pdf#page=4BJSU4_parasolid.zipBJSU4_3D.zip

ø6mm Union StraightBJSU6.zipNP49-03e-us.pdf#page=4BJSU6_parasolid.zipBJSU6_3D.zip

ø8mm Union StraightBJSU8.zipNP49-03e-us.pdf#page=4BJSU8_parasolid.zipBJSU8_3D.zip


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