Flow controllers: Speed controllers & Needle valves  Slot-Head Speed Controller JSD

New from Pisco, the Type JSD Slot-Head Speed Controller reduces unwanted adjustments, and ensures settings are maintained during operation. Based on the design of Pisco’s Type JSC Speed Controller, the Type JSD does not include the external needle needed to make speed adjustments. Instead, to ensure consistent speeds, a separate screwdriver is required to make any adjustments.

Type Slot-Head Speed Controller JSD
Check Valve Opening Pressure 7.25psi (0.05MPa)
Fluid Type Air
Operating Pressure Range 14.5~130 psi (0.1~0.9MPa)
Operating Temperature Range 32~140ºF (0~60ºC)
Type Elbow, Free

ModelDescriptionDXF InchDXF MetricDimensionsParasolid3D Metric


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