Solenoid Valve SVA21

Solenoid Valve SVA21

Valves are available in wide variations. 5/2: 2 types: single solenoid and double solenoid 3/2 (twin 3-ports valves): 4 types: Combination available: normally closed; normally open; A: normally closed, B: normally open; A: normally open, B: normally closed. 5/3: 3 types: closed center, exhaust center, pressure center.


Type SVA21
Fluid Admitted Air
Lubrication Not required
Max. Cycle 5 cycles/sec.
Max. Effect. Cross-sect. Area (P to A/B) 17 mm2 (Cv=0.92)
Max. Excitation Time 50 msec.
Power Consumption 1.2W, 1.5VA with LED respectively to Power Supply
Power Supply 24VDC, 100VAC
Proof Pressure 152 psi (1.05MPa)
Response Time 12~18 msec.
Service Pressure Range at 20ºC 29~102 psi (0.2~0.7MPa)
Service Temperature Range 42~122ºF (5~50ºC)



SVA21 Stand-alone

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