Pre-set (Tamper-Proof ) In-Line Pressure Regulator

Pre-Set (Tamper-Proof) In-Line Pressure Regulator

This pre-set, non-adjustable pressure reducing valve provides a stable pressure point, even when the inlet pressure fluctuates. A reverse flow mechanism allows installation between solenoid valves and cylinders. Click here.


Orifice Flow Controller (Tamper-proof)

Orifice Flow Controller (Tamper-Proof)

This pre-set flow control valve allows constant flow in one direction and unrestricted flow in the opposite direction by an orifice restrictor. The actuator speed of this push-in type flow controller is fixed. Click here.


Orifice Fitting (Tamper-proof)

Orifice Fitting (Tamper-Proof)

Pisco orifice fittings are designed for applications where precision, restricted flow and repeatability are crucial. This compact push-in fitting type features fixed air flow rates and is completely tamper-proof. Click here.


Slot-head Flow Controller (Tamper-proof)

Recessed Screw Flow Control Valve (Tamper-Proof)

This recessed adjustment screw flow regulator prevents unnecessary manual adjustments during operation. The low-profile flow valve is suitable for small spaces, banjo and universal type are available. Click here.


Push Lock Flow Control (Tamper-Proof)

Push-Lock Flow Control Valve with Indicator (Tamper-Proof)

Our push-to-lock type flow control valve maintains the air flow level once it is set. Setting the flow rate is easy, as the indicator dial is clearly visible and located on the side and top of the adjustment knob. Click here.