Vacuum Cup/Suction Cup Fittings

Vacuum Fittings

We provide vacuum fittings with 10-32UNF & M5 thread. Vacuum cups from 4mm dia. to 50mm dia. are available in various types and materials. Click here.




Spring Vacuum plunger/buffer/suspension/level compensator with low-spring force and light-weight. VPHC type now offers many options with vacuum cup type/size and plunging strokes. Click here.


Vacuum Cylinder

Vacuum Cylinder

Vacuum Cylinder with built-in vacuum generator self-retracts and lifts objects immediately after making contact. Now available with M4 and M6 female port is now available where various type of vacuum cups/sizes can be installed. Click here.


Vacuum Cup with Push-Rod Release

Vacuum Cup with Push-Rod Release

Suitable for workpieces charged with static electricity or those that stick to the suction cup. The workpiece is released with vacuum release air and by a push-rod, so there is no risk of the workpiece being blown away.
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Vacuum Generator VLS

Vacuum Generator VLS

Now larger sized nozzles for single stage vacuum ejectors are available. Vacuum generator VLS – High vacuum level type. Single-stage vacuum ejector with large suction flow. Suction flow : 7.06scfm (200l/min) - ø2.8 nozzle dia., 5.30scfm (150l/min) - ø2.5 nozzle dia., 3.53scfm (100l/min) - ø2.0 nozzle dia. Cylinder type muffler makes quiet operation. Vacuum sensor switch or pressure gauge can be mounted as option. Click here.


Parallel Grippers

Vacuum Gripper VRG, VMG

Three types of vacuum grippers integrated with high flow vacuum generators are offered for lifting large, heavy, different sized, objects, porous materials and objects with irregular and rough surfaces such as sacks, garden tiles, cardboard boxes, shrink-wrapped bottles, etc. Click here.


VC Vacuum Generator

Low-Profile and Lightweight VC Vacuum Generators

Our low-profile and lightweight VC Type Vacuum Generators feature 0.3 and 0.4mm nozzles. Inch/NPT ports are now available. The VC Vacuum Generator is designed for a variety of applications that require a small, low-profile package, or direct-mounting on vacuum cups. Click here.


Vacuum Filter

Compact Vacuum Filters - Inch Sizes Now Available

PISCO offers compact vacuum filters for various types of vacuum system piping. Choose from several types, with filtering areas between 0.12 and 3.1 in2 for your application requirements. The large capacity type vacuum filter removes dust and debris via the filter’s cyclone effect and filter element, while the smallest vacuum filter is a simple plug-in type. Inch sizes are available. Click here.


Bellows Vacuum Cups

Bellows Vacuum Cups for Packaging Bags

The seamless one-piece bellows vacuum pad, made with a soft lip and firm multi-bellows body, enables stable gripping, lifting, and height compensation. There are 2 options for the vacuum pad lip hardness. The blue color lip is about 44° shore and the pink lip is about 24° shore, which make them ideally used for handling vinyl packaging bags and pouches. We also provide 2 options for bellows folds/layers: 3 folds (3.5 bellows) and 5 folds (5.5 bellows). Bellows cup dia. option: ø20, ø25, ø30, ø40, ø50mm. Click here.


Slothead Speed Controller

Large Flow Vacuum Generator VLM Provides High Vacuum and Flow Rates

New from Pisco, the Type VLM Large Flow Vacuum Generator features a multi stage nozzle ejector that ensures high vacuum of -94kPa and a large suction flow rate of up to 1,110ℓ/min[ANR]. The incorporation of a multi-stage nozzle and multi layer structure results in suction flow approx. 2.2 times (on average) larger than air consumption. Silencer installation is selectable from three directions: side, front and with rotary joint (only front installation is available with the single layer type). The body can be fixed freely with two brackets. The VLM provides excellent ozone resistance. It is suited for a range of industries, including automotive, semiconductor, food and medical. Click here.